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95% of people use a high street estate agent to sell their property. Here is why:

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  • High Street Estate Agents

  • Based in your local area – staffed with property experts who know and live in the area.

  • Some high street estate agents charge commission, therefore making it a mutual interest in achieving the best possible price for your property.

  • No sale no fee - only pay your estate agent when your property has successfully sold.

  • Free for sale board.

  • Marketing your property professionally with floor plans, descriptions and wide-angle HD photography.

  • Provide unlimited marketing until your property sells, such as local publications and within the agent's high street branch - in addition to online portals.

  • There’s more to selling your property than appearing online. High street estate agents have extensive contacts with potential buyers in the area.

  • 95% of people use a high street estate agent to sell their property

  • Online Estate Agents

  • They are unlikely to live in your area and have little knowledge of your town or property.

  • Most online agents require you to pay a fixed fee; therefore there is no incentive for the agent to achieve the best possible price for your property.

  • Most online agents expect you to pay up front (non-refundable) fees, even if your property does not sell. Some online agents allow payment of fees to be deferred, resulting in credit consumer agreements with finance companies.

  • Some online agents charge for this – some even charge for replacement boards.

  • With some online agents, you have to provide your own floor plan, descriptions and photographs.

  • Some online agents will only market your property for 6 months. If your property has not sold in this period, they will charge additional fees for further marketing.

  • Online agents may not have the knowledge of local buyers who would be interested in your property.

  • You do the math! Only 5% of people sell property via online agents